Imagine being free…

From the constant struggle of weight loss.

From deprived dieting, restrictions and binge eating.

From self-sabotaging, shame and guilt.

From acting “crazy” around food and being out of control.

From living your life feeling unhappy and depressed.

Online Coaching 1-1

Fast-track to a happier version of you with one-to-one coaching. You’ll have my undivided attention and full support with the focus firmly on you. I will be right by your side, guiding you, catching you when you fall, and celebrating your successes and achievements.

What you’ll get:

Weekly 1 hour sessions with me via Skype

Fully customized training & nutrition program depending on your specific goals

Free access to Member's Club!

Unlimited supportive emails between sessions - information, exercises, and tools to help you become a better version of you!

Laughter, tears, growth, challenges, and fun.

My unconditional love and support.

My guarantee that you will feel more alive, happy, and enthusiastic about life.


Member’s Club!

Fitmunchies member’s club is an online community platform created for women struggling with unhealthy relationship with and themselves. 

Fitmunchies is designed to teach you all about your unhealthy eating behaviours, your body and how your mindset actually works so you can free yourself from unwanted habits and live life to its full potentional.

By becoming a member of the Fitmunchies Club you get access to different courses teaching you how to change your life completely,  to delicious, healthy recipes, workouts, challenges and so much more…AND you will become a part of our  Fitmunchies Tribe with an awesome supportive community!