Did You Know That ?

90% people fail at dieting.

97% of women report having negative body thoughts each and every day.

75% of women admit to engaging in disordered eating patterns.

Do you feel out of control around food?

Do you think about food way too much?

Do you feel embarrassed and ashamed?

Are you trapped in a cycle of dieting and binge eating?

Have you been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight?

Are you ready to STOP THIS WAR WITH YOURSELF and finally start living your life to full potential?

I hear you and I totally get you!

If you’ve tried countless (unsuccessful) ways to stop binge eating, overcome overeating, and quit yo-yo dieting, then you’re in the right place. I have created Fitmunchies as a result of my own journey AWAY from an unhealthy relationship with food TO enjoying food without guilt or shame. I have learnt SO MUCH through my own struggles and victories that I want to share, to be able to help other women to finally find BALANCE, and start living the life they have always dreamed of living.

Discover a life without binge eating, dieting or hating your body.

Know that you don’t have to keep struggling.

You don’t have to keep wishing things were different.

You CAN make things different.

I am here to help you do it.

Can You Relate To Any Of That?

Trust me, I tried all the diets and exercise regimes, but nothing helped! Even if I managed to lose the weight, I gained it all back again.

You think about what you’ll eat, when, how much. Also what you should or shouldn’t…Food is ALWAYS on your mind.

I know this never ending question..WHY? WHY do I do this to myself? WHY am I not GOOD ENOUGH..? All this dragging your confidence down and taking your dreams and goals away from you, when you know somewhere deep down, you CAN do it, but at the same time you CAN’T!

I know exactly how you feel..seeing yourself in the mirror and hating what you see can be so frustrating. And no matter how hard you try, your pants still don’t fit. And this is probably the biggest reason WHY you’re obsessed with food.

Every Monday – new diet, new week, new you. Your hope that this time will be different. You feel motivated, but then you slip up and give up…

Joining Fitmunchies Members’ Club…

You will get angry at an industry that profits from making you feel bad.

Together we will tackle diet culture. We’ll learn what it is and how to recognize it, tune out from it and how to finally break out of the dieting cycle.

You will tune out the harsh voice in your own head that tells you you’re lazy, not good enough or disciplined enough and you’ll replace that voice with a compassionate, friendly voice. The real you!

You’ll learn to love food again and feel at easy with not tracking every little detail about what you eat.

You’ll remember what it’s like to move your body for the sake of enjoyment instead of obligation – like when you were a child and ran around jumping in puddles and dancing in your bedroom 🙂

You will learn how to listen to your body and recognize cues that tell you what it really wants, and discover how to give it exactly what it wants.

We’ll tackle common issues such as poor body image, emotional eating and self-compassion.

You’ll reach your desired weight without any struggle and anymore self-sabotaging thoughts. You’ll have so much knowledge about your behaviours and yourself.

You’ll learn new habits to help you not only make piece with food and yourself, but also help you in other areas of life – relationship, work…you’ll start living your life to its full potential and focus on accomplishing your dreams and life goals.

Why You’re Gonna Love It ?

Everything you need is in one place – Stop being confused about what to do and what to believe. The answers are all here.

No pressure:  You can take it one step at a time and make some real, long lasting changes at your own pace.

Get the support and motivation you need to stay on track and achieve your goals. Ask questions in our VIP Members’ Club , share your progress, get help and chat with me and the other members.

What’s Inside ?

Courses & Guides to help you overcome your unwanted behaviors such as binge eating, overeating, yo-yo dieting, negative mindset, and instead achieve long lasting permanent weight/fat loss, and learn motivational techniques that work (and much more!).

Recipe Library where you’ll find loads of simple, great tasting recipes along with quick cooking tips, plus meal plans to get you ready for the week ahead – because:

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

CHALLENGES! Let’s find success together! To change your life, you need to change your habits. Join our supportive community on monthly challenges that cover training, nutrition, health, relationships, mindsets and so much more. It will free your from destructive habits and allow you to have some fun. I dare you to challenge you!

You don’t need a gym membership to achieve your fitness goals. I’ve got you covered with workouts you can do at home and even with children. Mix and match our short videos for a different workout every time; or simply follow a training plan.You’ll never be bored or stuck for workout inspiration.

Quick Wins and Q&A! YOUR success is MY success! To get your control back around food and start loving your body again isn’t easy. Quick Wins and Q&A are based on your questions, struggles you’re facing along the way and anything that is holding you back from achieving your balanced life.

A supportive community where you can get and give advice, feedback, motivation and support from our fab community of women. Every member is just like you to help you, and here to help you accomplish your goals.

Got Questions? I’ve Got Your Answers!

Who's the V.I.P Fitmunchies Members' Club for?

Fitmunchies is helping and empowering women from around the world who are struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food – whether it is restriction, bingeing, overeating, yo-yo dieting or the way they view their bodies and mindset. If this sounds like you, click the button below and join! You don’t have to struggle anymore!

So is it just another diet?

No, definitely not! Fitmunchies is about helping you make long-term, lasting changes to your lifestyle. It will take time. How much time depends on how many changes you want to make  – so please don’t expect dramatic results overnight, that’s not what we’re about. We’re all about common sense and achieving your goals within a realistic time frame that suits you and your lifestyle. You’ll have access to everything in the members area as long as you remain a member. It’s all there for you as and when you need it.

Do I have to count calories or follow the meal plan?

Absolutely not! At the Fitmunchies Members’ Club, we don’t believe in counting calories or jumping on the scales everyday. The emphasis is on being healthy and active and finding what works best for you. If counting calories and macronutrients isn’t a trigger leading to bingeing and overeating, by all means do it! Fitmunchies is all about healing your relationship with food while achieving your health, fitness, and life goals.

I don't need to lose the weight, but really struggling with binge eating and overeating. My goal is to overcome it and be healthy. Is is right for me?

Definitely! Fitmunchies is an online community helping and empowering women overcome an unhealthy relationship with food. Along with other, there’s a 12-week course available inside the members club included in your membership, which will help you overcome unwanted habits and behaviours week by week.  In addition, there are extensive recipe and training libraries and a range of tools for whether you’re looking to lose body fat, get fit, or just live a healthy lifestyle.

How long do I have to sign up for?
That’s entirely up to you. It’s an ongoing monthly membership, so you can join for one month, one year or however long you like! I like to think that once you’ve joined, you’ll see how much value you’re getting and you’ll stick around for a long time! You’ll have access to everything inside the members area as long as you’re a paying member. So you don’t have to rush through any of it. And don’t forget about the members only discounts and rewards that you can take advantage of.
How easy is it to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time, for any reason, within your membership dashboard. It’s all hassle free. You don’t even need to contact us, you can do it all yourself, nice and easily, should you ever want to.

If I want to cancel, can I get refund?

Fitmunchies membership is billed on a monthly, or annual basis. Because of this we operate on a no-refund policy.  If at some point you feel that the community is no longer a fit, you can cancel your membership within a few clicks inside the members area. You’ll have access right up to the end of your membership period, and you’ll not be charged again. However, if you join the community and genuinely take action, you’ll never want to leave, let alone request a refund!

Will I membership cost ever increase?

Not for as long as you remain a member! Your membership cost will never increase while you’re a member of the Fitmunchies.

Does joining Fitmunchies Members' Club guarantee results?

Although we can’t guarantee results, one thing we can guarantee is that we will do everything we can to provide all the information, tools, guides, and community support that gives you the knowledge to overcome your unhealthy relationship with food and yourself. It is up to you to take action!